The Energy Club is partnering with HackDuke to provide speakers and ideas for their ‘Code for Good’ event this year, that is a 24-hour coding session that congregates computer science students from all over the Triangle to work on projects. This year, their main track is Energy & the Environment, and the Energy Club is providing resources, mentors and speakers to come up with solvable energy-related problems.



The Duke International Security Conference, or DISCon, is a collegiate international relations conference designed to explore how competing strategic interests of existing and emerging powers create conflict, and how policy can be constructed to mitigate these tensions.

Upcoming Events

FEATURED EVENT: Wednesday, October 29 — Charlotte Energy Tour

Join the Duke Energy Club and Energy Initiative as we travel to the facilities of three of the world’s leading companies in energy innovation: Siemens, Piedmont Natural Gas, and Duke Energy. Transportation and meal costs will be covered.

Registration is required and the trip is limited to 30 guests. Registrants beyond the initial 30 will be added to a waiting list. Sign up here.


Energy Week

From lectures by leaders in energy industry and government, to casual lunchtime discussions between energy students and professionals, to seminars and workshops where researchers present their latest work on a wide range of energy topics, the Energy Initiative presents numerous opportunities for the Duke community and the wider energy community to network, learn and explore.