Advisory Board

054813_profeta_0001Tim Profeta

Mr. Profeta is the Director for the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and has worked as counsel for the Environment to Senator Lieberman. He has also worked on climate change and energy policy and is currently an Associate Professor of the Practice within the Sanford School for Public Policy. Mr. Profeta is faculty advisor and resource for the Duke Energy Club and has been responsible for much of the club’s growth throughout the past semester.

kyleKyle Bradbury

Dr. Bradbury is a Postdoctoral Energy Fellow with the Duke Energy Initiative and Project Co-leader with Bass Connections. Dr. Bradbury completed his Ph.D. at Duke University focusing his research on modeling reliability and cost trade-offs of energy storage systems for integrating wind and solar power into the grid. Currently, he is working on leveraging machine learning and other data mining techniques to improve the management of energy resources. Dr. Bradbury has worked closely with the Energy Club and has been instrumental in guiding the club’s growth and vision.

Lincoln Pratson 146113b_pratson_lincoln_0005

Professor Pratson is a faculty advisor for the Duke Energy Club, and is the chair of the Earth & Ocean Sciences Department where he leads a research group on Energy Systems. He also has consulted for oil and gas companies, where he used state-of-the-art gravity data analysis to explore offshore oil and gas reserves. He is also very involved with student projects on campus, and his research interests deal with carbon capture and energy storage, as well as integrating renewable energy generation into industrial operations.

Stacy Pet?????????????????????????????????erson

Ms. Peterson is the Energy Education Program Coordinator for the Duke Energy Initiative, and has been an absolute blessing for the club and its development as a student-led organization. Stacy manages energy education activities throughout all levels of the University and works with students, professionals, and professors of all disciplines to spread awareness of Energy-related problems. She plans programs, courses and events that that expand traditional and experiential learning opportunities within higher educational systems.

RichaRichard Newellrd Newell

Professor Newell is the Director of the Duke Energy Initiative and was the founding Faculty Advisor of the of the Duke Energy Club. Previously he was the head of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and his research interests include the economics of energy markets and policies, as well as associated technologies. He has also sat on a wide variety of energy-related boards, and is also the Gedell Professor for Energy and the Environmental Economics at the Nicholas School.

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