The Energy Club is partnering with HackDuke to provide speakers and ideas for their ‘Code for Good’ event this year, which is a 24-hour coding session that brings together computer science students from all over the Research Triangle to work on projects. This year, their main track is Energy & the Environment, and the Energy Club is providing resources, mentors and speakers to come up with solvable energy-related problems.


The Energy Club has partnered with the Duke International Relations Association on campus to provide briefs and consultants for their 3-day event on Energy Security. We created a video series to answer questions for their crisis-staff as well as in-person expertise to advise their members on scalable and important problems that relate to the energy space.

Career Panel

The Energy Club is working with the Energy Initiative and Career Center to host an Energy Career Panel and networking event on January 21, 2015. The panel will feature speakers working in a variety of companies in energy. Speakers will discuss interesting trends and opportunities in energy and their work experience. The event will be connected to the Energy Mix and will provide both an opportunity to learn about various career paths and networking opportunities.


Tenting for the Duke-UNC game is one of the most exciting and fervor-filled events of the year on campus, and the Energy Club intends on making a statement about our spirit for sustainability and its importance during this time of craze. We are going to design and build a sustainable tent for Black-tenting season, sponsored by the Energy Initiative, that will have solar panels and charging stations for our members to stay safe, warm and full of electricity during the bitterest and coldest of months, leading up to our victory over UNC.

Data Analytics

The Energy Club is leveraging data, provided by the Energy Manager at Duke, to create a platform that will provide information on building energy consumption. We will work to create a platform to help empower energy decisions on campus.

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