Women in Energy Panel

A panel of energy professionals will discuss opportunities for women in the energy industry, with breakout sessions focused on specific energy  sectors to follow. The conversation will follow an interactive “live office hours” format, with panelists responding to questions submitted by the audience. Breakout sessions and lunch will conclude the event.

A number of industry leaders and innovators will participate (See Primer for more details):

Emily Felt (Business Development Manager, Duke Energy)
Brittany Goff (Energy Management, GE Industrial Solutions)
Maria Kingery (Co-founder and CEO, Southern Energy Management)
Rebecca Stamps (Senior Product Manager, GE Industrial Solutions)
Kiersten Williams (Vice President, G&S Business Communications)
Betsy McCorkle (Director of Government Affairs, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association)
Elizabeth Pratson (Department of Physics, Elon University)

The panel will be introduced by Suellen Aldina, Director of Engagement and Administration of the Duke University Energy Initiative, and moderated by three Graduate students: Diana Rowe, April Christensen, and Marina Yakhnis.

Friday, March 27

12:00- 2:30pm
Love Auditorium, LSRC
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1572039063063970/

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